Is The Movie True?

Many of the visitors to this site arrive after seeing the movie "Lady Jane" which was made in 1986. I get a great deal of questions about what is true and what is not true in the movie, so here is an attempt to answer some of the more common questions.

  • Did Jane really love Gilford? - No, it does not appear she did. It was well documented that Jane hated Guilford's father, the Duke of Northumberland. She also wrote comments about Gilford's behavior (while imprisoned) that indicated that she found him to be whiney, spoiled and immature. She refused to declare him King while she held the crown those nine days and Guildford's reaction was a temper tantrum equal to that of a four-year-old that ended with him running to his mommy to "fix" things.

    On the flip side, Lady Jane was not without compassion. She cried and was deeply upset seeing him go to his execution from her tower window and the word "Jane" was found engraved in the stone of Guilford's own tower cell. He did plead for Jane to speak to him in the last days and she refused. Why did she refuse? Another difficult question. Perhaps she could not deal with more emotions than her own? Perhaps she just did not want to see him? Perhaps she thought him weak to be begging for such company? We can only guess.

  • Did Jane mint a new shilling? - No she did not, this just appears to be some artistic license in the movie that the writer used to try to better show Jane's compassion and heart.


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